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Saturday, September 20, 2008


hey guys...
just got home after a long long a bit too tired to post the details right now.
but i finished first in a 18 player tournament....ill leave you with this for now....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda...

Tonight was one of those nights where i ended up folding pre-flop the winning hand of every big pot.

I did play quite well though. Lots of steals when the blinds were significant and some solid lay-downs.
At the end, i just ran into a cold deck when the blinds were too big and ended up going all in with A-9 pre-flop and i got called with a A-K.
i ended up finishing in 14th place out of 50 entrants.

Im not too rattled because i already qualified for the monthly tournament on October 5th. So tonight was just for bragging rights.

The new season of the LTPQ start in 2 weeks, so thats when it will get interesting again as i will be playing for points, which will eventually take me to vegas.

Tomorrow night there is a sit n go i will be playing at a local spot...check back with the results.
One of my favorite poker commercials......enjoy.

ill check back tonight with the results on tonight's league tournament.

3 BIGGEST mistakes on the tables

i can't tell you guys how often i see players making these moves and getting burnt every time.

1) Limping(Not raising) when you have AA
i can't tell you guys enough about how often i see people not raising when they have AA or even KK. And this is the most often time you'll see the big blind see a flop with his 4 - 7 and get a 4 - 7 - Q flop. The AA thinks his trap just worked, but he's about to lose a huge pot. ALWAYS RAISE THE MONSTER HANDS!

2) Pre-Flop raise
When you raise pre-flop, always make it the same raise. if you have AA, raise 3 times the blind. If you have 8-9 suited, raise 3 times the blind and if you're just trying to steal a pot raise 3 times the blind. Always raise the same amount regardless of the hand. If you're gonna raise keep it consistent so people can't tell what you have.

3)Protecting the Big Blind
This happens all too often. you're looking at your J - 7 in the big blind and the guy before you just raised. you figure, ill call and if i hit something ill play it out. Then you get a board of 2 -8 - J.
Now what? you bet and the person who raised goes all what do you do?
Do you really want to lose all your chips with a J - 7?
Fold the rags and realize that not every hand is a winning hand.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A-K = game over

tonight's tournament did not pan out as planned.

I can't say i played bad, because i lost with A,K vs. 5, 6 off suit pre-flop.

he hit his 5 on the flop and that was the end of that.

the good news is that this tournament did not really mean much for me as i already qualified for the monthly tournament by finishing 1st last week.

I can't really let myself get too down on this as i played well, and the cards did not play out.

"Sometime's making the right move isn't enough....but there's always another hand" Chris Ferguson

check in tomorrow as ill let you guys know how i do with some sit n go's (9 player) .... as well as let you in on the worse mistakes i see people make on the tables.

pre-flop (intro)

Hey guys and gals,

Im Frank!


i welcome you to this journey
i will teach you what it takes to make it to final tables and show my progression in the poker world.

I am currently registered in the LTPQ (Quebec Poker League)

on my first tournament last week, i finished 1st.

Because of a technical error which i will settle tonight at the venue, i have no points to my name. i did finish first however even going into the top 3 as a major short stack.

Ill post back tonight to fill you in on the results!